Palm Springs and LA baby!

After a busy 12 months selling on Amazon, it was time for some time out and to treat YOself! ooh A little treat for you at the bottom…. £15 off from the lovely people at x

I took the Virgin 007 to LAX (In my past life as cabin crew, we used to call this flight the ‘psycho seven’ because of the weird and wonderful passenger on this route!) It’s defiantly the one destination I truly miss working and laying over in. LA is such an amazing vibrant cool place, so full of life and dreams. The flight was just over 10 hours but it went quite quickly with thanks to the 3 great movies a yummy meal and a little 1.5 hour nap, before I knew it  I’d arrived and I was in my pooled Uber ride to downtown Hollywood ($17 YAY!). For the first night I just got a cheap motel in Hollywood and it was fine but certainly not blog or instagram worthy! So no pics! (think crystal meth crack den vibes, but it was clean and central, perhaps too central!)

The next day I hiked the Hollywood hills, it was totally amazing and I would really recommend it, my fitbit went crazy at 30000 steps!! I followed the hollywood summit trail Hollyridge Trail – 3.5 miles round trip from Griffith observatory. 

hooray 4

Later that day I made my way via Greyhound buses from Downtown LA to Palm springs, just over 2 hours to The Saguaro. Really straight forward and easy and at around $30, amazing value!

I love this hotel, I felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, so colourful and vibrant, it was like vomiting a rainbow of colours over a charming motel.

palm springs 16ps5palm springs1

reminds me of the time I sold a load of unicorns on Amazon!

Palm Springs is such a dainty immaculate sleepy town, it has a real retro vintage older world feel to the place and slower vibe and pace, relatively small I navigated the whole town in a few hours by push bike. Free bike hire courtesy of The Saguaro!

I would really recommend this stunning all american town and defiantly check the hotel out, all booked through

Oh yes! here’s a code to get £15 off any booking with the lovely people at

So whats your plans this summer? let me know? comment and share with anyone who is thinking  of going to Palm Springs, any tips for this great town? please share, #sharingisCaring



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