5 amazing ways to make money online


Multiple income streams are key to security and its now even easier than ever, we live in a gig society, a digital era so it’s really easy to find a money-making opportunity that works for you.

Find an area that suits your lifestyle, interests and passions and take action and go for it, here are some ideas I hope they give you some food for thought and hopefully inspire you to make some cash.

1. Sell on Amazon

average monthAverage months sales

My first year trading on Amazon I turned over £60k, check out this post for more information on how I did it.    oh and this one

So obviously my number one choice at the moment, is selling on Amazon, specifically using FBA fulfilled by Amazon, it means Amazon do most of the work selling and sending the products to the customer, all I have to do is source the right stock.

I really like it as you can tap into a huge marketplace, traffic and business model selling either arbitrage, wholesale or private labelling products. It’s literally like putting a product up for sale in every Tesco and Sainsbury’s in the country, without having to pitch to them. Amazon needs third-party sellers like you and me to grow and diversify.pinterest3

Click on the link to sign up for a free guide I created.

 2. Write a book.

They say theirs a book in all of us? It’s so easy to self publish your own title, no publishers needed check out blurb.com

Perhaps write an e-book on a niche subject, or a new emerging trend that people are searching for on google trends?

E-books sell best on Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s Itunes Connect the two combined make up the largest digital book market,  they are the perfect place to put up your work. Start off with low prices, and once you’ve built a reputation for yourself in the form of reviews and an audience you can start increasing your prices.

Want to know how to write your own e-book in less than 24 hours! Yes its possible and you certainly don’t have to be the best skilled writer ever, give it a go! More about it here

I haven’t gone down this path as yet! but watch this space!

3. Blogging

Is their something that you know about that people would be interested in reading? A passion, a niche?

Building and running a blog is a really rewarding way to make money online. I Use WordPress to build my site with clear navigation and a responsive theme

You need to buy a domain name, it should be something short and memorable,I bought mine on godaddy.com I think it was about £12.

You’ll also need a site to host it on, such as Blue host 

add a cool theme to your blog, you can get a themes from this store here

I think its important to note it would take a long time to build an income from it, so defiantly look at it like a hobby to begin with, like a diary and if you’re able to build an audience then maybe you could could indeed monetise it at some point, by selling courses, books, advertising, sponsored blogs etc

Once you get the hang of being a blogger, the progress will be much faster and the income much larger.

4. Instagram

I absolutely love Instagram, its such an interesting and creative social media platform, so many people are being paid to advertise products on it (I guess this is also classed as affiliate marketing.) You probably need in excess of 5000 followers to be able to monetize your content, find a niche or something that you’re interested in and find your tribe and vibe ‘oh that rhymes.’ and grow an engaged audience.

I’m making around £200 a month at the moment from Instagram, can’t exactly retire yet, but my audience is building by over 500 a month, I’ll blog soon about my growth strategy creating content and how I’m monetizing it. (so don’t forget to subscribe!)

A way of growing your audience is by doing paid shoutouts, infant you can buy them from people on Fiverr ( which is a good link to my fifth way of making money online!)

Here are some influencer agencies you can sign up to and apply to be involved with campaigns,

instagram book

oh and don’t forget to follow me please @mr_paulblog and help with my own growth strategy!

5. Offer online professional services (gigs) on fiverr

Can you make someones CV, logo, or offer a virtual assistant service? In fact so many people globally are offering different digital skills and services, that you too can sell and earn a passive income from.

Corey Ferreira has written an e-book to show you a blueprint and plan for using Fiverr and how to make as much as $4000 a month, working only 8 hours a week! AND he’s only been on Fiverr for just over a year, through different experimentations, trial and error ,he  has put together this really excellent and great value book. offering advice and knowledge that you could also apply if you identify a product/gig that you too can offer.

Here’s my favourite gig EVER! sSomeone is making $5 every time someone like me orders this photo!!

blog pic

I hope you enjoyed this post, I would love to hear your feedback, let me know of your favourite ways to earn extra income that you have tried or would like to try/ comment below….

Also it would really help me to  build up some traffic if you could post this blog post to your social media or pin it to your Pinterest board, thanks in advance,

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Mr Paul x


17 thoughts on “5 amazing ways to make money online

  1. Wow that’s great that you are making money from Instagram! Would love to read more about how that works. I don’t use Insta at the moment but I obviously need to start building an audience haha. Totally agree that multiple income streams are very important for security. I’m working on building mine now!


    1. Yes I’m getting a lot of comments about this part, which is great! Im doing a sponsored post this week infact for Vista coco water for £40, I will do a full blog about Instagram, thanks for your comments and I love your blog, perhaps at some point you could guest blog?


  2. […] £395 wahoooo! not too far off, super pleased with this. Going to try again in August, join me on my extra £500 challenge, comment below if your in and we can check back on your progress? Also for a few ideas of ways to make additional income check out this post […]

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