July goals and results

halfway july goals post

So here were my JULY GOALS 

Now I’m not really sure how I feel about income reports, so instead I’m going to note down my goals for the month, just to put some out there, to look back at and monitor progress.

Also I would like to point out that obviously I don’t rate success by Facebook or social media likes/followers etc as you could have 10000 followers but actually just have 500 specific targeted fans that are more engaged and effective, however I’m just using the data to measure and quantify my results and progress. So yer….

1. Mr Paul accounts

Its now time to file the accounts and this is my number 1 priority, it actually took up 99.9% of my head space in July BTW.

2. INSTAGRAM 6000 followers

3. TWITTER  2000  followers

4. 200 LIKES to my Facebook business page


( I feel a little apprehensive about growing this, I’m not sure why? I guess it’s really putting yourself out there! It could be challenging and time-consuming, but I will give it a go)

6. 300 blog views

7. 3 blog posts ( ideally 4 )

8. Make an EMAIL opt in offer, promote and grow email list to 100

9. £1000 amazon sales

(quite a low month for sales, but just winding down a PL product and changing strategy as I’m about to become VAT registered)

10. Learn more about affiliate marketing and drop shipping

11. Read book, The book of titans

12. Save money. £500 from other sources of income

So how did I do ?


1. Accounts done! I have an amazing accountant, I also use Xero, I highly recommend!

Sign up for a free trial, I’ve tried a few different accounting applications and softwares and I find this is the best one for E-commerce, you can link it to your Amazon seller account. Its reasonable too at just £22 a month for the standard package which is fine for me.



WOW nearly at my 6000 goal, come on only 157 short? I’m pleased with this, my goal in August is for around 6500 and I’m going to have to really improve my content, so that’s on my list of things to do.

How did I do it? I’ve been using a strategy for growing my Instagram account, mostly from this bookIG-2

Also I’m no expert at Instagram but Jeremy McGilvrey certainly is, he is the man!He gives away so much great free content and amazing advice,  check him out on Facebook, you can sign up to a free webinar web class here to learn more from him.

This FREE webclass will teach you EXACTLY how to Grow Your Instagram Following FAST
Through my Instagram account I’m now earning on average £200 a month, I’m going to do a separate blog on this very soon!

3.TWITTER 2000




Including an amazing review from the lovely Tracey Catherine Hurst ( thank you so much for all your support Tracey)



44 , again I’ve been a little apprehensive about this, going to continue to add great content, but my mindset is holding me back with this. If you’re thinking of starting a Facebook group Caitlyn Bacher is the go to, Caitlyn posts lots of amazing free content on Facebook and youtube.

Oh and you can join the group here please

Specifically if you are interested in selling on Amazon here in the UK.

6. 300 blog views

blog traffic.jpg

Sorry not a great picture, but 765 views, smashed it, not bad for 1 blog post in July, really going to try to build momentum now. I think I should try and double it for August. I’ve got some great ideas for posts.

7.  Blog posts 3 (ideally 4)

oops just the 1 but I’ve been procrastinating and blaming my accounts, they really did take up all of my time and mindset, back on it for August ( this ones the first)

8. Opt in offer, grow email list to 100

Well I put together a Free guide ( help me out with this goal and sign up ta x )


The result?

67, quite pathetic,

300 in august! MUST TRY HARDER! I’m going to run a little Facebook ad I think?

9. £1000 amazon sales


Quite a low achievable amount, I’m just winding down sales as I’m coming up to being VAT registered, this is 1 private label product, I had around 100 left in stock. If you didn’t know about my Amazon journey check this post out.

10.learn more about affiliate marketing and Drop Shipping


11. Book, the book of titans

Review coming soon, I loved Tim Ferris’s first book The 4 hour work week.

12. Save £500 (from other sources of income)

  • £71 music magpie, (sent an old phone in)
  • £25 quidco,
  • £75 eBay sales some old bits n pieces,
  • £20 shpook
  • £40 Facebook groups,
  • £164 instagram posts!

£395 wahoooo! not too far off, super pleased with this. Going to try again in August, join me on my extra £500 challenge, comment below if you’re in and we can check back on your progress? Also for a few ideas of ways to make additional income check out this post


So basically I didn’t smash all of my goals I just nearly achieved most of them, quite happy with that!

Heres to an amazing August!

Whats your goals?I would love to know, comment below

Mr Paul x


10 thoughts on “July goals and results

  1. Nicely done! I find income reports super-inspiring, btw, but I enjoyed reading your goals and how you did. I may take a similar approach. I feel like it takes a little time to figure out what’s important to you, and I’m just getting started. Congrats on your progress!!


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