How to manage your Amazon reviews

review wolf

Lets talk about reviews, specifically selling on Amazon as I know eBay have reviews and feedback but I’m just going to discuss it in relation to selling on Amazon’s platform.

Firstly as a seller you can and will be reviewed by Amazon customers so this is known as a seller review,


seller review

Then if you have your own product page or listing then this product will receive product reviews.


product review

they both need some form of managing,

the other day I received this product review against one of my private label products

2.0 out of 5 stars

Although it’s a good water bottle, I found the exact same one without the (xxxx) print on the bottle in home bargains for about £2. Save yourself the money.

really annoying feedback! and it gets better!

Good water bottle but too large for me

Did they not read the size of the bottle in the title and description or see the 5 photos of it? Obviously its really important to reply and remain professional

Write your comment professionally and sincerely.

  • Apologize to the customer.
  • Tell the customer that you can be contacted through the customer’s Amazon account.
  • Offer a full refund or replacement if needed.

What I find really common is that amazon customers will leave a negative review against your seller performance but it will be a product feedback, So remember in this case you can have it removed from your seller performance very easily and quickly if you just email seller central.

Also FBA Sellers can get negative Customer Feedback comments about low ratings for delayed, damaged goods or return issues since Amazon handles all of this on your behalf.  Once again just contact seller central by email and it will be removed pretty quick.

Your seller performance is a metric that Amazon are judging you on, if it falls below 80% then you can have your account suspended.

You can also get the review removed if it falls into one of the criterias below,

  • Inappropriate Content
  • Hate Speech & Offensive Content
  • One-word-reviews
  • Promotion of Illegal Conduct
  • Promotional Reviews

When launching your own product, getting great customer reviews and feedback is so important as it spikes an algorithm on Amazons system telling it here is a product that people are loving, so it pushes it up the ranks of other products optimising its visibility within the marketplace generating more sales.

So when launching your own product, getting reviews is so important and you need an effective strategy for this. This year (2017) Amazon stopped allowing reviews in exchange for discounted products. As what sellers used to do was launch a product then give away discount codes in exchange for reviews.

So this is what I do now,

I sell the product at a loss making very low amount (how many depends on how many reviews I want to generate) to make the product seem like amazing value,  it has to be available to anyone to buy it at that price to conform with Amazons strict rules on reviews, I sell it merchant fulfilled not FBA so that no one can buy out the whole of my stock at the ridiculously low price. I then try to advertise the fact I am selling this product to groups of people, who I know are likely to leave a review ( checkout some good Facebook groups for this) this generally is quite successful, once I have the reviews. I can then switch the item to FBA, reset the price and then play with the price and PPC ads (PPC ADS BLOG coming soon!)

I then use an application called,


they automatically email buyers on your behalf from your account, automating the process of prompting people to leave feedback. On average an amazon buyer will only leave feedback to a ratio of 1 in 40 sales! And usually leave feedback if something has gone wrong or are not happy! By using Xsellco I have been able to really increase the amount of reviews generated from sales, so Its been a very effective application for me and worth the cost.

Let me know if you have any other tips for managing reviews? would love to hear them comment below!

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